Cadiz, SPAIN
Architect: Jose Luis Bezos Alonso

Koscon Industrial S.A.

Sustainability Category Winner 2015

The pictures show beautiful role of transparent architecture cooperating with nature, topography and landscape.

Interesting project combining pieces of the past with contemporary materials. 

The project is one of the winning proposals of an international contest promoted by the Town Hall of Cadiz together with the local Architects Association. The objective of the contest was to re-organize and urbanize the grounds of the esplanade of Santa Bárbara which works as a fence to protect the Genovés Park. The exotic World Heritage Species inhabiting the park need to be protected from the adjacent sea and its marine environment. Previously, a high, masonry blank wall preserved them from rough weather and the ocean’s breeze, completely shielding the park from the coastal area. This new building project has replaced the wall and, thanks to its transparency obtained by using PC sheets, allows for a more permeable relationship with the Santa Bárbara Esplanade, while meeting the same protective functions. The materials used in this project allow for a feeling of lightness and transparency. Apart from polycarbonate sheets, glass and steel were also used in this project. The façade, which is made of glass on the ground floor and of a double translucent polycarbonate skin in the upper level, is backlighted at night, creating an extensive beam of light opposite the bay. Polycarbonate was used in the “Genoves Park’s Lookout and Protection Building” project with a double purpose: for technical and aesthetical reasons. From the technical aspect, the application of polycarbonate panels allowed to create an extremely light yet resistant outer coating to protect the steel and concrete substructures permanently exposed to the rough weather and winds coming from the sea. At the same time, the polycarbonate panels are used as well for the interior to partition the walls between the main structure and for the users’ facility. From the aesthetic aspect, the translucent polycarbonate panels permit coverings that let the sunlight penetrate the inside of the building during the day, without any disturbing glaring effects. At night, the backlighted polycarbonate panels, visible from the outside, colourfully illuminate the building. The extreme flexibility of the polycarbonate sheets created fully integrated, seamless walls whilst at the same time uniformly following the particular line of the building. The aim of the project Genoves Park’s Lookout and Protection Building was to make a better use of its surrounding area and to create a link between the Genoves Park and the Esplanade. It is not only a lookout or a protection building, but this new transformed area will now host cultural activities as well as accommodate a restaurant, a reading room and other areas. The extreme flexibility of the polycarbonate system create seamless, fully integrated walls at the same time following uniformly the particular line of the building, which completes the aim of the Genoves Park’s Lookout and Protection Building project.