Amsterdam, Netherlands

Architect: William McDonough

Situated at Promenade 93, between the historic Steigenberger Belvedere hotel and the Conference Center, it is the perfect place to have a meeting or to get some work done while in Davos.
The 2016 ICEHouse™, a special construction with McDonough Innovation, SABIC and SAP will feature innovation for the circular economy and a host of special events. Access to the Davos Pavilion and the ICEHouse™ is by invitation.
PC sheet building systems are the material of choice for cladding the aluminum walls, ceiling and roof. The combination of multiwall PC sheet with nanogel filler in wall and ceiling panels delivers remarkable energy savings and an improved translucency. These lightweight materials which meet the most stringent fire norms, available in monolithic and multiwall configurations, are used worldwide for roofing, cladding and glazing massive stadiums, hotels, and other impressive structures around the world.

The structure, referred to as the ICEhouse™ (ICE = Innovation for the Circular Economy) will be located at a prominent and central location in Davos.
The Circular Economy is based on a system of product design that breaks the typical take-make-dispose flow of material resources and replaces it with designs that do not waste materials and energy and are inherently restorative through reuse, recycling, recovery, regeneration of the embedded materials. The ICEhouse™ is designed to illustrate the value provided by robust technical nutrients in combination with advanced architectural design to achieve Innovations in Circular Economy.

The external aluminum space frame structure of the ICEhouse™ is comprised totally of 2 basic aluminum members that can be rapidly assembled with simple hardware and tools to achieve light but strong floors, walls and overhead components. The structure can be disassembled and reused over and over for many construction purposes.

While the ICEhouse™ is intended to be a demonstration of Innovative Circular Economy thinking, it also represents a prototype structure for easy to assemble and disassemble structures based on the two part space frame structure. Such an easy to assemble and disassemble building serves a major global social need for people throughout the world that find themselves in an extremely distressed situation due to political conflict, environmental or natural disaster. During Davos, the ICEhouse™ will not simply be something to look at, it will be used extensively as a business meeting place for sponsors and various WEF global agenda council events as well as an elegant place for informal receptions for up to 80 people.