Jules Ladoumègue Sport complex

Jules Ladoumègue Sport complex

Paris, France
Architect: Dietmar Feichtinger

This sport complex building is 260m long and hosts 6 tennis courts as well as dedicated spaces for tennis, rugby, football, basketball, squash, dancing, climbing and many more.
It was built above maintenance workshops.

As the complex is located just outside the ring road surrounding Paris its mass and size are used to protect the neighborhood from the noises of the heavy traffic.
The west façade is therefore exposed to two very aggressive factors that are rarely compatible with the usage of light façades these are: external loud sounds and high exposure to the sun rays.
Dietmar FEICHTINGER found the solution by designing a double skin made of polycarbonate sheet system on the outside and 30mm polycarbonate panels on the inside. This resulted in a very energy efficient building with an outstanding level of comfort for the users during the day.

The polycarbonate system used in this building features rotating blades that act as ‘brise-soleil’. Depending on the level of sunlight, the electronics of the system adjusts the orientation of the blades and keep the amount of solar gains to its best level. Both inner walls are made with 30mm polycarbonate sheets, providing thermal insulation, sound absorption and tennis balls impact resistance. The western wall is double glazed with polycarboante. The eastern one is externally covered by static wood louvers.

The west façade, which covers 2500m² and is 9.5m high, features 260 units of motorized polycarbonate panels acting as sound and solar heat barriers, on top of their attractive architectural l. The inside skin of the façade, the 30mm polycarbonate panels, reinforces the Ug value of the façade allowing this double system to reach a performance of 0.75 W/m².K. Polycarbonate panels used in this project feature a very strong UV protection insuring the durability throughout the years. They have undergone series of durability tests to assess their aging process and their resistance to impacts.

The Tennis Courts are part of the Jules Ladoumègue Sport complex that was awarded a Bronze medal in 2015 by the International Olympic Committee.
The Jules Ladoumègue Sport complex was designed by Dietmar FEICHTINGER, Austrian architect established in Vienna and Paris who is well known for his audacious projects including the new road-bridge to the Mont Saint-Michel.

VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVmqzJl6PGc