Milan, Italy
Designer: Aldo Lanzini

KNITOWN is one of the first artistic examples combining polycarbonate and fabric in a mutual exchange, bringing together with perfect symbiosis the aesthetic and tactile properties of both materials. It’s a symbolic example of two products commonly used in very different contexts can together increase each other’s value in innovative application fields.
KNITOWN is not simply an art-installation designed for an event. In terms of sustainability and reuse, it can be considered as a representative case-study to express the potential of combining materials in design and furnishings. It is also a prototype which can be used for educational purposes when developing reproduction tools to represent possible realities and sensory experiences. Regardless of their initial use, all the materials can be reused for a traditional application and/or can be completely recycled.

The transparency and the mechanical strength of the multiwall polycarbonate components are fundamental features for the creation of bright and transparent volumes, valorizing the distinctive cloth texture of The Fashion Company.
The PC panels are used to achieve self-supporting shapes that are light permeable. Moreover, the rigidity and the flatness of the surfaces allow the perfection of the interlacing wires to be seen. Thing Led-strips have been placed inside the cells to generate dynamically colorful surfaces.

In a sort of parallelism between reality and metaphoric world, this project could be considered as the representation of the potential of PC sheets in design architecture. Indeed, PC panels can be used on any external surface to wrap an entire building (roof, wall or window in vertical, oblique and horizontal planes). In fact, the new architectural trend in contemporary cities is incorporating into the urban context while increasing energetic performances: colors, attractive shapes, transparency, thermal management and lighting maximization have become ‘cornerstone’ elements.

KNITOWN is a setting designed by the artist Mr. Aldo Lanzini (with the creative direction of Mrs. Angela Missoni and with Mr. Angelo Jelmini as Executive Manager) who created the SPACE MISSONI for the International Fair ‘Salone del Mobile’ in Milan. A surreal scenery formed with an aggregate of mini-architectural textured elements to stage a dream. Looking like a tiny skyline made of several buildings with doors and windows, everything exudes a soft and colored light thanks to emblematic knitted fabrics that decorate the surfaces.

This exotic city is pervaded by suggestive sounds which have been created through live performances to engage the visitors and involve all their senses.
KNITOWN is the background for which geometries (waves, stripes, and corrugated profiles) tell a story. In fact, this symbolism characterizes the Missoni’s brand from the memory of the past to the present vitality. In this small representation, Missoni Fashion is identified in a world where its distinctive textures achieve indoor and outdoor spaces with color and joy.
This metaphor of an ideal world joins the chromatic fantasy, cloth drawings and musical notes in order to evoke the power of creativity featuring innovation.
The combination of different materials such as fabric and plastic is enhanced by the luminous transparency and glow, giving a new architectural value to the iconographic sign of the fashion house. By changing observation positions, the buildings’ shapes can emphasize or mix the decoration features.

  • Date: 11 Jul, 2016
  • Category: DESIGN
  • Client: dott.gallina