Modane Swimming Pool

Modane Swimming Pool

Modane, France
Architect: Bernard Perino

DS Smith was tasked with providing polycarbonate for refurbishing of the MODANE swimming pool located in Modane in the Alps region between the Vanoise massif to the North and between the Massif du Mont-Cenis and the Massif des Cerces to the South.

The refurbishment concerned in particular the basins. The main objective was to improve the thermal performance of the building envelope and to create a visually appealing structure as it is visible from the D 1006 road towards Italy.

New double skin clip multiwall polycarbonate system which was chosen for this project allowed for environmental and cost gains. The system, with its record insulation (Ug = 0,5 W/m².K), complies with the requirements of the High Quality Environmental Standard (HEQ). The system has as well high acoustic insulation of 28 dB, comparable to the performance as standard double glazing (30 dB). Furthermore, in case of renovation used panels can be easily recycled.
Additionally, incorporating lightweight of the PC sheets in this project allows for an easy and quick installation. It offers at the same time costs and CO2 emissions savings as the light weight of the material offsets the amount of extra supports as well as the extra complex machinery.

Before proceeding with changing the facades it was necessary to address the old laminated roof structure and in particular the supporting structures consisting of foot poles and the secondary framing. Choosing large west glazing allowed for opening the pool’s view on the outdoor spaces and green area accessible to the public. It was decided to keep the existing composition with a large glazing stripe at the bottom and a polycarbonate cladding on the top.

In order to make the pool visually attractive vertical, alternating bands of different colors of polycarbonate panels were installed.