Palasport for Gymnastic and Fencing

Palasport for Gymnastic and Fencing

Udine, Italy

Engineers: Ing. Roberto Regni, Ing. Marco Balducci
Architecture studio: Studio Zoppini Associati, Hilson Moran (ex Milanoprogetti S.p.A.)
Geometrician: Paolo Gentili

The building was constructed by using two materials: black steel panels as well as coloured and translucent polycarbonate. It serves as a multipurpose center for sport.
Palasport is characterized by a modern design. The idea behind the project was to portray and achieve an effect of a sort of a ‘dematerialization’.
The project presents a prism which combines two parts and it is the cladding which differentiates these two parts.
Polycarbonate multiwall sheets were best fitted to achieve the effect of ‘dematerialization’. PC sheets are used for the envelope of the building which create a spacious and airy facade around the building.

The sheets are arranged in vertical strips to produce a specific sequence of colours: purple, blue, pale blue and green. The translucent nature of the material brings real lightness to the building’s image during the day with reflections flitting across the panels with change with the amount of light.
At night, the continuous line of lighting around the base and at the top of the air space between the envelope and the actual building creates quite striking effects, with a strong lighting at the bottom and top of the construction which dissolves into a gentler one.

The black part of the building in electro steel sheet constitutes the entrance to the Palasport and contrasts with the main multicolored structure and its lightness. The idea here was to play with the opposites and to accentuate the difference between the two materials.

  • Date: 11 Jul, 2016
  • Category: DESIGN
  • Client: KOSCON