SIH (Société Industrielle de Haras)
DS Smith Plastics

Innovation category winner 2015

Real technical innovation that will probably find its way to the market on a relatively broad scale. The innovation is likely to have a positive impact on the impression that construction sector actors have on polycarbonate products. The availability of an avis technique confirms the technological performance of the concept.

Very demanded product for the contemporary cities and contemporary life.

Today, noise is one of the principal sources of pollution in urban environments. From a medical but also labour legislation point of view, or simply for matter of comfort, there is no doubt, nowadays sound insulation is essential to avoid problems due to noise or stress. Ensuring sound insulation in a workplace or at home has thus become crucial. Therefore, SIH developed Pearl Inside®, an innovative patent consisting of filling multiwall polycarbonate sheets or panels from DS SMITH with micro-glass beads. This technology makes distinction of the two sources of noise pollution either coming from outside or from rain impact. Pearl Inside® allows for enhanced sound insulation in addition to an improved natural light diffusion by up to 20 %. Energy savings can thus be achieved both in the summer and winter thus significantly reducing heating, cooling and lighting costs. Cellular polycarbonate sheets offer clear advantages compared to conventional glazing: high thermal insulation performance, cold bending and impact resistance. However, the sound proofing properties of polycarbonate are limited in a noisy environment or during a rainstorm as polycarbonate has a rather low acoustic insulation. Pearl Inside® combines the advantages of both materials i.e. PC sheets and micro-glass beads which, when combined, result in enhanced acoustic insulation. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets or panels from DS SMITH are filled with micro-glass beads inside of their structure. Pearl Inside® is completely in tune not only with the requirements of the French Thermal Regulation (RT 2012), but it also fulfills the requirements of the High Quality Environmental standard and sustainable construction. It is 100% recyclable, chemically stable and UV resistant. An important advantage of Pearl Inside® panels is that they are around three times lighter than double glazing. Originally designed to equip home skylights, Pearl Inside® technology is also used in cladding or sheds, but it is also particularly popular with designers for interiors. With its outstanding soundproofing performance, Pearl Inside® is frequently used for removable walls or partitions defining spaces, like open space areas in an office. Pearl Inside® is covered by a Technical Approval issued by CSTB since last fall.