Swimming Pool Ramle

Swimming Pool Ramle

Ramle City, Israel

Architect: Nachman Atshtein

The roof of the Swimming Pool in Ramle is made out of an integrated system of fixed and moving multiwall polycarbonate sections.

The central structure of the roof covers a surface of 2.630m². It is propelled by electricity in order to enable opening or closing of the roof allowing respectively for more or less daylight penetration.
The fixed roof, on the other hand, covers an area of 1.600m² and provides protection for the part of the pool destined for infants’.

The polycarbonate system used in this project is waterproof and can be used for a number of different buildings, i.e.: industrial, private or public.

The polycarbonate is supported via a steel structure. The periphery is closed with an aluminum system which incorporates triplex glass.
The gables of the building are covered with “Paldeck” which imitates the trumpet tree (tabebuia).