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Who are we

Since 2003 the European Polycarbonate Sheet Extruders (EPSE), with the representative support of the leading manufacturers of polycarbonate sheets in Europe, has been working to promote this versatile plastic material and its numerous applications. Aided by the expertise in its technical committee, EPSE has also been integral to the development of safety and quality standards for the industry.

EPSE was founded in 2003 as a sector group of EuPC, the European trade association for plastic converters. EPSE is comprised of 10 full members supported by 3 associate members.


EPSE in brief

What we have achieved?

tonnes of PC sheets manufactured
per annum
EU present
million €
turnover per annum

10 PC sheet manufacturers

3 resin producers

Made in Europe

Setting and implementing
CE standards

Developing safety standards

First quality sheet production using
premium raw materials

Associate members